HumberPalmers Fertiliser

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HumberPalmers is a leading manufacturer of specialised and technically advanced fertiliser products.
The company which is based in Immingham, North Lincolnshire have developed a range of unique fertilisers for use across a wide variety of agricultural and amenity enterprises, ranging from grass silage, grazed grass, potatoes, barley, wheat, golf courses and football pitches.

Unique Product
The fertilisers are developed to maximise dry matter output providing vital trace elements to the animals and plants.
The specialised graduation process of HumberPalmers fertilisers combines highly beneficial complex humates with mineral nutrients and its slow release ability enhances soil health and crop productivity.
Derived from a rich source of naturally occurring matter, HumberPalmers unique organic base contains high levels of humates delivering excellent results for the enrichment of soil and plants.
Humates are natural substances which form the biological and chemical breakdown of organic material. They contain a mixture or organic acids and include humic acids, fulvic acids, macromolecules or amino acids, amino sugars and peptides.
They directly contribute to the enhanced biological activity of soil through the support of beneficial microbes and have the ability to unlock minerals previously locked up.

Main Benefits of HumberPalmers

  • Out-performs the best mineral fertilisers by up to 35% in terms of increased dry matter yield.
  • Delivers 25% higher take-up of applied nitrogen, Phosphate and Potash.
  • Increased palatability with the use of sodium.
  • With sulphur levels between 25 and 30 percent, you have increased protein levels and better efficiency of nitrogen.