Animal and crop specialists

Animal and Crop Specialists supplying grass seed, cereal seed, seaweed meal, liquid seaweed, agrochemicals, fertiliser and bedding agents all over Northern Ireland

Owens Farm Solutions are an animal and crop specialist company supplying unique quality products and services to the farming community across Northern Ireland.

The Company prides itself on selling specialised products such as “Phlyfeed” Seaweed MealHumberPalmers Fertiser and also established products such as Sinclair McGill Grass SeedNickersons Cereal Seeds.

We can improve your soil, crops and livestock so that you can produce top-quality crops such as silagebarleywheatpotatoes etc.. and have improved livestock health.

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Richard Owens

Trust Richard. His seaweed product has the horse's shining and Tip Top. 10/10

David McElheran

Top notch firm. Follow Richard's advice and watch the results in your field! Would recommend to anyone.

Norman Laird

Norman Laird, owner of Six Mile Valley Potatoes, grows all his own produce for sale in local markets and retail outlets in the Ballyclare/ South Antrim catchment area. Given the nature of the business his priority is to produce ‘spuds’ with an excellent eating quality.

Ryan Murphy

On the advice of Richard Owens, from Owens’ Farm Solutions, we have been including ‘Hebridean Liquid Seaweed’ in the herbicide tank mix for the past two years and the results have been very encouraging. Not only does the seaweed act to ensure that docks are killed off quicker, however, it also encourages grass growth. Swards actually green up, rather than yellowing, after the liquid seaweed has been applied.

J & F Kyle

Francis Kyle, who milks 240 cows near Stranocum in North Antrim along with his brother James started to use Phylfeed Seaweed Meal in 2016 to boost the nutrition of their cows while, at the same time, markedly improving overall animal health levels within their herds. The Kyle herd calves from the beginning of October through to the end of April. The cows are currently averaging 7,400L per lactation at 4.20% butterfat and 3.45% protein.

Francis Kyle is quick to confirm the very real benefits, in terms of herd performance, that he has noticed since including PhylFeed into the rations of his dairy cows. “Upset stomachs are a thing of the past and lameness levels have reduced noticeably,” he said.

“I am getting much better performance from forage while the cows are demonstrating much stronger heats. Problems at calving are also much reduced. We have not had one difficult birth since the beginning of this year’s calving season.”